Full Sexy Body Makeover!

How to make your buttocks bigger, and waistline, hips and legs slimmer, and create a sexy-looking body?


Sexy and healthy bubble bum makeover!

So you want to know how to make your buttocks bigger fast – and get that round sexy bubble that turns every head…

Read this article to get more details regarding one method to get the desired results.

The desired results would be… this kind of lean waist;

And this kind of toned, full and round bum;


Basically there are three alternatives for you to consider to get these results; to get a bigger bum – all of them give either instant, or, pretty fast results;

1.    The natural way to get a bigger buttocks fast; my suggestion is the three part method I use

2.    Brazilian butt lift where a surgeon puts excess body fat taken from elsewhere in your body (usually from several places) into your butt. It has become a popular procedure and is effective but the downside is there are major health risks as with any bigger liposuction. The end result will also change a little over the months after the procedure when some of the added fat will “melt away” naturally. Meaning it is absorbed back into your body, can be 25% of the fat that’s put into your butt.

3.    Butt implants, also called butt augmentation; silicone implants are placed into your buttocks pretty much in the same way than with breast augmentation, they will make them notably bigger – also a popular procedure nowadays when round buttocks are in fashion rather than skinny ones.  Downside is that the result can look unnatural, (thus the surgeon needs to know what he’s doing!)

What to choose from these alternatives?

Obviously your allowed budget also has an important part with the choosing process… Brazilian butt lift and butt implant surgery cost around $5000 – $20 000 depending on the procedure and surgeon.  And like with any cosmetic surgery – you need to understand the risks and downsides as well. The result most likely will be awesome but you need to understand that there are still health risks involved, especially with the brazil butt lift. There’s also the risk that the silicone implants start moving or your body rejects the implants.

Another important thing, if considering one of the two surgery options, is to choose an excellent surgeon with excellent history and reputation and long time experience (and for this you need to be prepared to pay maybe a double or triple price compared to the cheapest option). And before anything else  – you need to think through about this enough.

SO what I’ll suggest regarding how to make your buttocks bigger, is…

….that to get bigger buttocks fast AND to get instantly started, like today, rather than wondering about the options for the next weeks and getting nothing done – get started with the natural way first and with the three part method. When the base is in shape any possible later butt surgery will anyway be easier and bring greater results as well.

You can still whenever choose to go with butt surgery along the way at some later point if you want. Then you already have grown your bum and make it round and full – so perhaps you don’t need surgery any more, or, at least the surgery will be much easier at that point and will bring you greater results when your body is in shape.

Even if you’re really drawn by the butt surgery options – I’d suggest you still get started today with this special method and learn how to get a bigger buttocks naturally and fast.

Why? Because it’ll get your bum, muscles and body into shape and when the base is in healthy shape, any surgery will be easier, safer and bring greater results. Compared to the situation if your original butt would be sloppy and all over with no real muscle and your health would be not so good because of not being in good shape and condition…


How to get a big bum?

A sexy round, tight, big bum… (The side effect is also greatly improved health)

The 3- part method

1.    Do different sets of highly effective bigger buttocks exercises 3-4 times a week (at least 3-6 different sets each time)*; The best butt exercises are squats, lunges, leg presses,  cable glute extensions and stiff legged dead lifts, also any effective variations. PLUS In addition to these, do other weight and also cardio exercising, about 3 times a week, 30 min*2  per time (at least half an hour aerobic exercising that makes you sweat + half an hour gym – you can do your butt exercising too, then mix it with half an hour tough aerobic training!)

* You can reduce this amount greatly if using the part 3 of this method.

2.    Have a little change in your diet to get that smooth tight result and to actually grow your butt.

3.    Use the special additional method I will provide you that will show you how to make your buttocks bigger naturally – at least two inches or more in 4-8 weeks. (I loved it and so will you) * In fact with this you can reduce the amount of butt exercising remarkably (it’s required when you start using these techniques!)

So let’s get started in the journey on how to make your buttocks bigger…


Why this method for getting a bigger buttocks?

To get a big, sexy, round and tight butt with no sloppy and fatty shape or ugly cellulite, you need to remember that it’s all about building butt muscles with high intensity targeted exercises and quality muscle building nutrition. IF you for one second start thinking that you can get this sexy looking bum by only eating fatty food – you’re completely wrong, because that’ll make your butt sloppy, wide and full of cellulite, and YOU get fat too… And that’s what you DON’T want!

The shape comes from the muscles, not from fat. If your butt only has fat, it’ll get sloppy and wide toward the floor. When your butt gets rounder, fuller, more visible and more upright – it’s all about muscle growth and fat excess.
You build what you focus on, remember it. So focus on your butt muscles as hard as you can – and as often as you can. Tensed muscles recruit more muscles fibers and will help build more fibers for your next workout – thus your butt starts getting bigger.



Do each (or at least 3-4) of these buttocks exercises regularly and until your butt’s burning.

Kim Kardashian butt in a month

1.    Have a chair against the wall and sit in front of it on the floor your back facing it and leaning to it. Use some soft padding if needed.
2.    Now lean your upper back against it and then push yourself up while keeping your feet tightly in the floor (make sure not to slip). Use your hands as your help if needed. All the time keep your back straight (don’t let it fall into any u-shape) and hold then yourself in this position for a few seconds. At the same time squeeze your butt a few times real hard so that you really feel you do something. And get back down.
3.    Repeat this same movement for at least 3-5 minutes time over and over again.
4.    You can also challenge yourself and add some weight on top of your belly (the more the better – but remember safety if you’re a beginner). Or you can do this by only using one leg.
5.    Keep doing this until you feel pain in your butt muscle and it’s like burning. Then you know that your muscle is affected by this exercise. Keep repeating this until it’s burning.  Add repetition and weights. This makes it get bigger.

Squats and more squats with as heavy weights as you can safely – use lunges and leg press as well to do variations.

1.    Use as heavy weights together with these exercises as you safely can –it’s the best way to do these so that your butt muscle grows fast. If you do these using only your own body weight, it’s not nearly as effective as with weights.  However remember that if you’re a beginner, start with lighter weights and add more and more weights weekly or bi weekly.
2.    Do one or two legged squats, or do both of them with their own sets, slowly by holding weights at the same time. Focus on your butt and really feel how your exercise affects on it. Do the squats carefully and thoroughly.  When you use heavy enough weights and do these thoroughly and regularly, your butt will reform into round, full upright sexy shape.
3.    Do each of the exercise for 3 sets of at least 15 repetitions. Remember to add more repetition regularly, at least weekly. You can also do 4 sets.
4.    When you do these sets, squeeze your butt really hard for the whole time, and keep doing the sets until your butt and legs are on fire so to speak, until it really hurts. When it hurts – continue and keep doing them. BUT learn to differentiate positive pain from negative (negative feels like it’s ripping your muscle into parts and its really sharp pain, then stop immediately) The most important thing is this: butt muscles starts to grow at that point when you just continue after the burning and pain starts.
5.    Then do more the next time.
6.    And keep adding more weights regularly.

7.    Two other great exercises to grow your butt  are leg presses and lunges; do them and repeat them as previously mentioned.

Twisting lunge to get a JLO butt…

1. Stand with feet in parallel position, your arms at sides. Take a big step backward with your left foot.
2. Then turn so that your upper body faces all the way to the left, and now pivot both feet so your left foot faces forward and your right foot faces out (the heel of the left foot is perpendicular to right).
3. Next lower your hands toward floor over left leg, being careful to keep left knee in line with left ankle. Pivot back to center and repeat on opposite leg.
3. Do about 15 repetitions with each sides.

Sexy doggy style bigger butt exercise

1. Stand like a dog on all 4’s
2. Lift your bent right leg out to the right making 90 degree angles in all directions and then lower back down slowly. Do this 20 times
3. With the same leg, repeat step 2 but when you’re at the top of the motion straighten your leg then bend it again then lower it all of this slowly.. Do this 20 times too
4. Still with the right leg, repeat step 3 but when you have you leg straight out to the side, make a circular motion clockwise (10 times) then counter clockwise (10 times) the lower back down. Only do one set of this.
5. Now this step is different, but still with the right leg, straighten you’re leg out to the back lift from straight out to as high as you can get it . Do this 25 times
6. Then the same as step 5 but this time instead of a straight leg bend it.. Do it 25 times
7. Now repeat this whole thing with your left leg.
8. Do this with weights on your legs when you want to have really effective exercise. If your not ready for weights, repeat the whole set 2-3 times until you feel a harsh BURN .. more the burn the better!

Also do effective sets of leg presses, lunges, cable glute extensions and stiff legged dead lifts.

In addition to these exercises, remember to get yourself movin’ effectively at least 3 times a week!

Go to a gym a few times per week and have an effective whole body work out plan done for you.
PLUS do sweaty and tough aerobic exercising, like cross trainer, jogging, dancing for at least 30 minutes each time.

Effective regular aerobic exercising will improve greatly your looks, metabolism and health and any cellulite will be gone.



These special tricks in your diet will add meet into your butt and make it grow….! But there’s no short cut to get bigger buttocks just by eating, you’ll need to add those exercises to your daily routines as well. So when you eat these special foods, the nutrition gets directed more to your butt as the growing muscles under stress need it more than the surrounding areas.  It’s simple; do high energy leg and butt work outs and your body automatically puts energy where you need it. Fat goes to that area to feed the growing muscle therefore your butt will be larger.

>> Eat protein with every meal, especially good proteins for building a bigger butt are soy and green beans. Also fish, nuts, almonds and chicken are very good. Especially soy protein helps to increase muscle mass on the buttocks. It will in overall make you weigh less but in fact the buttock becomes larger as the protein gets into the muscle when its under stress due to your exercising. Soy protein/soy milk and combined exercise is a good and effective combination. So how about doing a soy based protein drink after your daily exercise? Use some brown rice there too and one egg if you want to make it really nutritious.

>> With your meals also eat good complex carbs like whole grain breads and pasta, oatmeal, and brown rice. These carbs will help keep you lean and non-hungry and will make your booty bigger.

>> Finally, eat a lot of  veggies, and fruits too. They include healthy carbs, vitamins that you need when doing these exercises and also proteins and calcium.



Secret Method that I found that will grow your butt about 2 inches or more in 4-8 weeks.

You will:

>>> Grow your butt 2-3 inches in the next 4-8 weeks

>>> Get healthier so that your body can develop as it is supposed to do for us women. This is done with natural diet tricks. IF you do NOT follow this rule – your efforts will be with zero results.

>>> Monitor your body’s balance. This is important to do correctly as it’ll affect on your body shape (the results are slim waistline, and the size and looks of butt will become round and bubble like)

>>> Grow your butt muscle size with very targeted and super effective exercising and reduce fat elsewhere.

>>> Slim down your waistline and thighs

>>> Move your body fat where you want it to be – into your butt (this sounds unbelievable but I guarantee it’s not – it works), also use natural ingredients that will improve your bum’s metabolism and literally grow the muscles and add womenly fat there (but no cellulite as you exercise effectively)


>>> If you do exactly what this method shows you – you can forget the daily or bi-daily butt exercising (in fact it’s a must thing with this)

It’s an overall and thorough method that shows you;

>>> How to get a big sexy butt like JLO or Kim Kardashian have – fast, in 4-8 weeks

>>> What to do in addition to the butt exercises and diet tricks that’ll add meet into your butt and grow it remarkably…?

>>> How to grow your butt at least 2 inches or more in 4-8 weeks .

Combined with the above  – this method will bring you a big, sexy, round, tight bum – fast.  And maybe after 4-8 weeks you can actually forget about any butt implant surgery or brazil butt lifts if you have considered those! As with these you’ll get naturally almost a similar butt!

To get that sexy bubble butt, slim waistline and thighs and to grow your butt size at least 2 inches in the next 45 days  – visit… Bigger Butt Secrets official website (That’s the third part of my method)



No more wondering about how to make your buttocks bigger…. :)