Full sexy bum makeover!

Full sexy bum makeover!

How To Get A Bigger Buttocks Fast?

A full 3-part method to grow your butt size with 2-4 inches in 1-2 months


Thanks for checking out my website, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for  comprehensive info, method and tips on getting a bigger buttocks and a sexy, healthy body! What you’re about to read is ESSENTIAL to know before getting started in growing that sexy bubble.

You can also read my review on Bigger Butt Secrets method – it’s the final part of my three part method to get bigger buttocks fast. (I think it can be considered as a replacement to any butt surgery because it’s so effective)

Click Here to see the Bigger Butt Secrets official method

Here’s the content of this method > In addition to the Main Method, notice also the additional “Immediately Bigger Butt” method – that’s an instant way to grow your butt significantly in less than one day – it’s ideal if you’re for example going out tonight and want to fill up your sexy jeans or mini dress better (with no padding!!) Notice also the sexy extra method to get plumper, sensual lips instantly;


So what EXACTLY is the three part method to get bigger buttocks?

And what kind of results and how fast, will it bring you….?

You can expect these results in 4-8 weeks IF you do exactly what the method says;

–    Your booty grows  at least 2 inches  in 4-8 weeks

–    Your booty gets more meet, gets fuller and rounder, AND, it also gets smoother and tighter, cellulite in bum and thighs will be remarkably  decreased or completely gone

–    Your waistline, belly and thighs get remarkably slimmer – also your belly muscles start to show up

–    You get healthier and radiant – literally –  as the result of getting your body more balanced



How to get a bigger buttocks – The 3-part method shortly


What to do?

1.    Do several different sets of highly effective bigger buttocks exercises – at least once (!) a week.

About 6-10 different sets each time and real hard exercising with loads of repetition. The best and most effective are squats, lunges, leg presses,  cable glute extensions, stiff legged dead lifts and doggy style butt exercise, and effective variations of these.

PLUS in addition to these, do weight/cardio exercising focused on your other body parts too, about 3-4 times a week, at least 30 min*2  per time (30 min tough aerobic exercising that makes you sweat + 30 min weight exercising – you can mix this with butt exercising too!)

2.    Have a little change in your daily diet to get make your bum and body toned and tight and to actually get a bigger bum and add meet in there.

The booty-growing diet tricks;

>> Eat lots of protein with every meal, especially good for building a bigger butt are soy and green beans. Other good ones are chicken, fish, nuts and almonds.
>> Also eat good complex carbs like whole grain breads and pasta, oatmeal, and brown rice. These will help keep you lean and non-hungry and will make your booty bigger.
>> Eat a lot of veggies and fruits.

3.    Start using the Special Additional Method that I will be talking about in this post that will show you how to make your buttocks bigger naturally – at least 2 inches or more in 45 days.

(I absolutely loved it and honestly I think so will you)


What’s the end result?

You will get a leaner mid body and tighter, bigger, fuller bum, plus also tighter, leaner thighs.

For more info on this method, visit at least these pages of my website!


You will find plenty of exercising and food tricks and more info on how to get that gorgeous round behind in just weeks.

More guidance on growing a sexy Bubble Bum

More guidance on getting Sexy Body


What’s the Part Three in my “Get a Bigger Buttocks” method?


The Part Three is a special method that will grow your butt for at least 2 inches in 45 days or less.

Now let’s get into it in more depth cause it’s the most important part. Combined with the above  – very effective.


The method is called Bigger Butt Secrets – it’s a thorough guide that shows you special and very unorthodoxtechniques to get a bigger butt without surgery. It promises at least 2 inches or more to your booty size in 45 days or less.

So let’s get into my …


>>> Bigger Butt Secrets review


What exactly is Bigger Butt Secrets?

Bigger Butt Secrets is a comprehensive guide that shows a pretty ingenious method to grow your butt size remarkably in a few weeks with all natural ways, written by an ex model and a current mom of two.

It shows you  7 unorthodox techniques which are promised to make your butt grow at least 2 inches in 45 days or less, and there’s also a note that the results can be better than this too. That is if you use them ALL and do exactly what the guide tells you to do.

bigger butt secrets review>> Will you grow your butt size with 2 or 3 inches  in the next weeks or not..? This pretty much depends on your level of devotion. The techniques are somewhat unheard of but they’ve proven to be extremely effective.

>> For example it teaches you a special technique to move (and I mean truly visibly move) body fat from elsewhere in your body to your desired location – your booty. But this technique won’t work by itself – it needs to be supported by the others presented in the guide.  This is just one of the 7 main techniques.

>> It also shows you how you can grow your butt size 0.5 -1 inches IMMEDIATELY, like for example for tonight (and it’s all natural too, no butt pads etc.) This is technique is in addition to those 7 main ones.

>> IF you try to grow  your butt by adding fatty “bigger butt” food and bad carbs to your daily diet hoping it’ll grow it – it will do only harm to your looks; you’ll put on weight, get cellulite and bad looking skin and your butt actually won’t grow at all. In addition, this kind of diet will ruin all your efforts to make it grow (like exercising)!

>> The 7 techniques in the Bigger Butt Secrets guide will show you a very detailed step-by-step way to do certain things that will actually grow your butt size even remarkably in a short period of time. In addition it’ll make you healthier and your waistline, thighs and hips slimmer.

>> The method goes into depth of how to truly get a bigger butt, in real life, starting immediately. Everything is included.

I’ve read lots of articles and some guides as well about how to get a bigger bum and – I have not so far bumped into anything like this before. This guide gives EXACT instructions of how to get your buttocks bigger literally even immediately. You get this sudden “aha” moment and realize that “this makes actually sense and works”. It’s enjoyable to read and easy to understand also – it’s straight to the point.

The techniques it has, are probably ones that you have never  thought of or known of. At least to me most of them were.


Click Here to visit Bigger Butt Secrets official website

Here’s exactly how the Bigger Butt Secrets works;

>> So the first thing is to understand your Waist Hip Ratio as it has a tremendous effect on your booty size. The better the ratio, the bigger your booty seems, as your waist will be so slim. The guide gets started by letting you know how you can effectively and instantly start reforming your WHR, make your waist, hip and thighs slimmer by having a few diet changes and monitoring your body balance so your hormones are in shape.

>> There’s this one hormone that you will need to boost (with your healthy diet) that will literally by itself start reforming your WHR to slimmer and your booty to fatter. This part is crucially important in the process.

>> The guide instructs you to have little, but super effective changes in your diet plus add this one magic food to your diet as well. All together these two changes alone will start growing your butt without you doing anything.  These are the first 2 of the 7 techniques.

>> Then you’ll be shown more cleaver techniques that will move some of your body fat into your booty, and trick your booty’s fat cells to grow. These too will help you to  get a bigger butt without doing pretty much anything.

>> The power is in the entity of the whole method. You’ll also need to add the special super effective bigger butt exercising variations to your weekly routines and cardio workout variations to grow your butt muscle and get even slimmer WHR.

>> With all the techniques mixed together  your booty grows a lot bigger and your waistline, hips and thighs get smaller. All the techniques include very specific things to do and are easy to follow.

>> You’ll probably like this; the one important thing of the method once you follow it to the smallest detail, is to do only once a week the super effective butt exercising.  (Hmmm…. I’m still wondering about this… BUT it is like this.)

>> Finally when you follow to the letter all the techniques, you’ll get a bigger butt – about 2-3 inches bigger in less than 8 weeks. AND slim waistline and thighs. Your health and energy level also improve a lot.

After reading the method and implementing its instructions and techniques, it seems like a complete “can’t lose” method.

What are the BAD things about Bigger Butt Secrets?

In my opinion there are a few flaws in this otherwise great method and I’ve listed them here;

–    Some of the techniques are really unorthodox and NOT your typical methods when it comes to making your bum bigger, so you may begin to wonder “what the f…” I can see some of you being a little overwhelmed about some of them. The techniques will take about 20-30 min a day so they’re not some 5 min tricks.

–    You will need to take responsibility; in order to truly get bigger bum – you need to invest preferably your time daily to this and do EXACTLY what the techniques tell you to.

–    Some of the techniques seem like little complicated and time consuming for lazy girls (like me) but if you make a real commitment to make your bum and body awesome  and understand that there’s no real shortcut other than butt surgery, you’ll probably have no problem with this.

And how about the GOOD things in Bigger Butt Secrets ?

–    It’s obvious that the writer has put a lot of efforts into creating the method – it’s so full of facts and straight to the point ingenious and unorthodox techniques to get bigger buttocks. These techniques are something you wouldn’t know unless you’d know what your talking about.

–    All the techniques are easy to implement right away, and do not require extra budget (a few bucks to buy certain stuff from your nearest grocery store). And you can do most of them while watching your favorite movie or tv show.

–    The guide will be good for anyone who wants to know how to get a bigger buttocks fast and for sure, and naturally.

–    I especially liked the technique that teaches you how to move body fat from elsewhere into your bum – I think it is ingenious

–    The body balance monitoring and hormones part is excellent too as it’ll not only start growing your butt and reform your WHR but also makes you healthy and energetic and your skin glowing. For us women – the hormones are the real deal – you perhaps haven’t even known how greatly they affect on EVERYTHING in us. So make sure your hormone balance is ok! If it’s not, that can be the reason for many of your health and looks issues.

–    The lazy girl’s technique to get a bigger buttocks fast is also ingenious, takes few minutes and is super effective (and will make your butt hurt while its growing…)

–    It’s completely different from ANYTHING you’ve so far read, watched or heard about regarding how to grow your butt naturally and you’ll love it, I can honestly say so. You’ll be eager to get started and see the results.


In overall what do I think?

When I bought Bigger Butt Secrets guide I have to be honest – I didn’t expect it to be anything more than I have already seen, read or heard of. I simply thought that the ways how to NATURALLY make your butt visibly bigger,  cannot be so versatile and that I possibly couldn’t learn anything new OR anything that actually really would grow my butt. I procrastinated with my buying decision a few times and took a few days before I bought it .

Well – I changed my mind after I had gone the guide through and when I started using the method!

Bigger Butt Secrets is in my eyes the best non fluff guide on exactly how to make your butt bigger fast, and most importantly, for sure.  It’s a straight to the point guide that shows you the 7 techniques to grow your butt size about 2 inches or more in 45 days. You won’t get bored by having to read some 200 page guide but can get started instantly.

You’re also gonna like the two bonuses; the instant butt growth method and lip plumping method.


The big question; will this work for you and should you use the three part method and the Bigger Buttocks Secret guide?

Your question is how to get a bigger buttocks… Well based on my own experience with my method and the Bigger Butt Secrets – I can honestly recommend them to you as I know they’ll bring you the results you desire.

You just need to commit yourself to the process – don’t skip any parts of it, and follow it to the letter, that’s the only requirement if you want to grow your butt size.

And like you already know, you’re also going to find out that once you follow the Bigger Butt Secrets method to the letter – you HAVE to forget the daily or bi-daily butt workout (at least for the time you use the method!). Once you follow the techniques to the letter, you only need to do the super effective butt exercise once a week, unbelievable but true.

Bigger Butt Secrets takes you by the hand, and shows you step by step one of the easiest and most unique methods to get a bigger bum.

Click Here to visit Bigger Butt Secrets official website

Hope my review and post has helped!

P.S. You can forget butt surgery as I believe this method brings you such results that you don’t need it if you’ve ever  considered it. (Which I think is awesome as at least I’m little scared of big plastic surgery operations such as putting silicone implants to your butt ,or getting done large liposuctions because of the possible risks)


Grow a bigger booty without expensive and painful surgery. Get a sexy body like Kim, J-Lo or Beyonce and drive your man wild! With all natural methods… :)

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